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Stories from the Journey

The strength of our school community is built on the continued commitment of faculty, students, and families to support each other as they learn and grow. Here are stories of the people, places, and experiences that make up the Aspen Country Day School journey. 

Testing, testing: introducing MAP Growth

October 6, 2021

What’s the “why” behind Aspen Country Day School’s new testing program, MAP Growth? Lower School Head Adam Hancock explains. Children will take these tests three times per year starting in the fall of 2021.

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Anne Sperry Connors bus

Alumni Journeys: traveling poet and writer

October 6, 2021

Poet and artist Anne Sperry ’76, traveling around the country in her converted school bus/tiny home, stopped by campus to lead poetry workshops and reminisce about the (very!) early days of our school.

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Alumni Journeys: an aspiring lawyer in climate/disaster relief

September 17, 2021

As part of a series of Alumni Journeys stories, catching up with graduates of Aspen Country Day School about their lives after Castle Creek.

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Aardvark traditions: Blue Green Day

June 17, 2021

Ask an ACDS student for a Blue Green Day memory, and you’ll hear about dressing up in team colors, going wild with green hairspray or painting faces with blue stripes.

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New York Times newsletter screenshot

Project: a quarantine newspaper

June 16, 2021

For Aspen Country Day School students and teachers, the COVID year of 2020-21 was a challenge, but also an opportunity to deepen our understanding and practice of the school’s core

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Aardvark political engagement: death penalty project

March 6, 2020

After reading Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird and studying the civil rights movement, Eighth Grade students developed strong views on the topic of racial discrimination in the justice system.

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To be or not to be: “No-Fear Shakespeare”

November 6, 2019

The Lower School Shakespeare Festival is a favorite tradition at Aspen Country Day School. Four days of performances bring the Bard’s classics to life as children create their own new

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Class Meeting: building relationship skills

October 14, 2019

Parents, you have likely heard from your children about “class meeting with Mary.” What is it?  Class Meeting is a longstanding feature of the social-emotional learning curriculum at ACDS. Lower

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An apple a day keeps… Kindergarten learning

October 10, 2019

John Chapman, a.k.a. Johnny Appleseed, was one of our country’s earliest conservationists and the man responsible for making apple trees plentiful in the United States. Kindergarteners spent a week focusing

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“Feelings Week” in PreKindergarten: social-emotional literacy

October 5, 2019

A recent PreK Three newsletter gives a peek into what life is like for the youngest students at Country Day. Focusing on a theme for each week gives children time

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