COVID response - Aspen Country Day School

What does this year look like? Answers here.

In the 2022-23 school year, Aspen Country Day School’s protocols have evolved to reflect changing conditions. Our goals remain the same: a safe, healthy community + in-person learning. Updated illness-related policies are posted here.  

  • Anyone with symptoms must stay home, notify the school nurse using the SchoolPass app, and have a negative Covid test result before returning to school
  • Masks are no longer required, but school is “mask friendly.”
  • Lunch, bus, and classroom seating are back to “normal” with an emphasis on ventilation.
  • Outdoor Education trips are departing as scheduled, with health protocols reviewed and communicated before each trip.
child on a scooter on campus 2020
With a strict attention to safety protocols and a flexible approach to changing conditions, Aspen Country Day School was able to stay safely open for in-person learning throughout the 2020-21 & 2021-22 school years. Here’s what it looked like:

Thanks to these measures and the commitment of our faculty and staff, Aspen Country Day School students had consistent in-person learning throughout the pandemic.