Relocating? - Aspen Country Day School

The choice to make Aspen, Colorado home for a school year or for many years – it’s a big decision, and an exciting one. In recent years, we have been delighted to welcome many new families who have vacationed here or own a second home. Perhaps you have spent a summer in Aspen, see what a healthy environment it is for young children, and decide to spend the school year here as well.

Choosing a school is always an important step, and families who come to the mountains often want to know how the local schools stack up compared to the schools they know back home. In Aspen Country Day School, the intentional balance of academics, arts, and outdoor education creates an outstanding program that rivals what you’ll find at the top independent schools across the nation. Children are prepared for the journey ahead, no matter where they choose to attend high school.

Below are some resources for families considering making the Aspen area their home. Please contact us at the school office if you have any questions. We are all enthusiastic residents of the Roaring Fork Valley and are happy to help with ideas and resources.

some helpful resources for you

Go-to guide for local activities and services for kids and families:

Year-round sports, clubs, activities, and fun for children:

Info and resources about moving:

Guide to the area with lots of links and resources:

Reviews of local schools:

Reviews of independent schools: