Sharing a meal, laughing together, enjoying each others’ company — lunch is about so much more than just food. At Aspen Country Day School, a healthy, nutritious lunch fuels learning, all while the midday meal builds community.

A top-notch partner

After a year’s hiatus during the pandemic, Sage Dining is returning. First through Eighth Graders will have packaged meals in the dining hall. Younger children, who do best with familiar food from home, will eat in their classrooms.

Fresh, wholesome food

Sage chef Noelle Zablosky and her team cook real food from scratch. Everything starts with fresh, raw ingredients, mostly organic and often locally sourced. Sage chefs are skilled at handling allergies and food sensitivities

Connecting at mealtime

Parent volunteers help serve lunch to create a happy and relaxing atmosphere. Mr. Wolman, left, frequently serves lunch, too. Lower School students eat with their teachers and classmates; Middle Schoolers sometimes have advisory lunch gatherings.

All-inclusive charge this year: $1,000

Children can eat all they like, with plenty of healthy choices every day. A $1,000 lunch fee is charged to First to Eighth Graders this year. There is no fee for PreK and Kindergarten students, who bring their own lunch and snacks daily.