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Aardvark traditions: Blue Green Day

June 17, 2021

Blue Green Day images over the years

Ask an ACDS student for a Blue Green Day memory, and you’ll hear about dressing up in team colors, going wild with green hairspray or painting faces with blue stripes. Or building a human pyramid with children from all the other grades on their team. Or triumphing over the other team in an epic trivia contest. The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat.

Something about this tradition of field day games really speaks to the children of Country Day. Traditions in general are important to children, and taking the time to enjoy them is part of the joy of the journey at ACDS.

We asked children to explain Blue Green to families who are new to ACDS:

Vintage Blue Green, circa 1995: the cooperative games have been played each year since the earliest days.