Project: a quarantine newspaper - Aspen Country Day School


Project: a quarantine newspaper

June 16, 2021

For Aspen Country Day School students and teachers, the COVID year of 2020-21 was a challenge, but also an opportunity to deepen our understanding and practice of the school’s core values of character, respect, responsibility, community, and — especially — perseverance. The Sixth Graders decided that a brief quarantine in October was the perfect time for a class project — making a newspaper. They eagerly contributed more than 30 articles including news, sports, opinion, recipes, poetry, humor, and even step-by-step instructions on how to draw a bird. You can see their publication, titled Social & Distant: Aspen Country Day School Sixth Grade Unmuted live on Issuu, below. Their newspaper even earned a mention in The New York Times‘ “Coronavirus Schools Briefing” newsletter.

New York Times newsletter screenshot