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Stories from the Journey

The strength of our school community is built on the continued commitment of faculty, students, and families to support each other as they learn and grow. Here are stories of the people, places, and experiences that make up the Aspen Country Day School journey. 

Young Entrepreneurs at Work

March 15, 2022

Culminating in the Economics Fair, the Second Graders’ study of business, entrepreneurship, and money is always a highlight of the year. The young business people even made commercials. Check them out!

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Alumni Journeys: conservation watchdog

March 4, 2022

Being on the Green Team — is that what made Will Roush ’98 choose a career in the environmental movement? Maybe not directly, but this well-known leader of conservation efforts credits his Country Day experience with an early connection to the natural world.

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Geo Bee returns!

March 4, 2022

A sense of where you are: developing students’ awareness of the wider world is an essential part of our mission to create responsible global citizens. In that spirit, we’re excited to announce the return of the popular Geography Bee this year!

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A story of your own, from a Sixth Grade friend.

February 28, 2022

Sixth Graders learned about the classic story structure of the Hero’s Journey, then used it to write personalized tales for their friends in Kindergarten. Now you can listen to the podcast anytime you want to hear a good story!

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Expert guidance

February 11, 2022

How does a school adjust, and readjust, how it operates during a pandemic? A new Medical Advisory Team is helping Aspen Country Day School take on these questions.

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Accreditation: quality assurance for schools

January 31, 2022

Independent schools establish their own curriculum, financial footing, policies, and culture. So how do you know they are fulfilling the promises they make to foster excellence in education? One answer: accreditation.

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Introducing our new Middle School leader

January 21, 2022

With deep gratitude to Scott Hicks, who is serving as interim Middle School Head this year, we are excited to announce the appointment of Jamie Hozack, currently upper school director at Telluride Mountain School.

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Alumni Journeys: solving crimes

January 14, 2022

When we heard that this alumna had rushed into a burning trailer to save a woman’s life, we had to get the whole story. Meet a detective, mother, and advocate for victims of crimes against children.

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Alumni Journeys: startup life

January 7, 2022

Aspen Country Day School alumni go on to all corners of the world and all sorts of careers. Here’s one story of a journey from Castle Creek to Silicon Valley.

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Middle School exams: how & why

December 1, 2021

The experience of preparing for and taking a final exam, or completing a culminating project or presentation, is valuable for MIddle Schoolers and one of the ways Aspen Country Day School prepares students for the journey ahead.

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