As a result of an Aspen Country Day School education, students will:

  • develop communication skills necessary to become proficient in a target language
  • develop in-depth understanding of diverse cultures and increase global awareness
  • connect language study to other academic areas, cultural awareness, and their everyday lives

Country Day has long been noted for the strength of its world languages program. The world language department focuses on all four areas of language study: reading, speaking, listening, and writing.

Exposure to both French and Spanish begins in PreKindergarten, and students continue to explore both languages until Fourth Grade, when students choose either French or Spanish to pursue for further study throughout the balance of their Aspen Country Day School journey. 

Starting in Sixth Grade, French or Spanish become core academic subjects equally weighted and graded along with the other academic subjects (English, Math, Science, Social Studies). There is an increasing emphasis on all four areas of language as the students move up the grades. The overall goal is to have the students proficient in their language of study when they enter high school.

One of the overarching themes is to prepare students to be responsible global citizens. We pursue an in-depth study of culture by exploring the history, geography and political elements of the various cultures. This is one important way ACDS prepares global citizens for engagement in a wider world beyond our valley. For example, a World Language class in Middle School may turn into a heated discussion — in Spanish or French — of current topics in the media, such as immigration, elections, or sustainability.