Mathematics - Aspen Country Day School

As a result of an Aspen Country Day School education, students will:

  • build new mathematical knowledge through problem solving
  • recognize reason and proof as a fundamental aspect of mathematics
  • communicate their mathematical thinking
  • make connections among mathematical ideas, to other academic disciplines, and to their everyday lives

At ACDS we are focused on developing foundational skills and understanding. The goal is for students to be successful in current and future mathematical experiences inside and outside of the classroom. In addition to learning mathematical content, children develop effective mathematical practices such as articulating reason and strategy, and attending to organized written work. 

As students progress from PreKindergarten to Eighth Grade, they are challenged to develop their thinking from concrete to abstract by looking at each concept in a multitude of age-appropriate ways.

In the early grades students develop numeracy with manipulatives and experiential learning. Our program progresses toward abstract thinking through application problems and mathematical modeling. Students experience mathematics in different ways. Students can be found working on math independently, with a partner or in a small group, and with technology. 

We strive to teach and utilize the language of math. We expect our students to use this language to be able to explain their process and strategies either orally, through pictures, or in writing.