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How it works

Step 1: Register for the webinar at a link you’ll receive in ParentSquare. Then watch the one-hour webinar either live on Zoom, or later as a recording.

Step 2: Mark your calendar for an in-person followup discussion on campus, guided by ACDS educators. Sort of like a book club.

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Session 2: How to Raise a Self-driven Child

Resources for this session

“We really can’t control our kids — and doing so shouldn’t be our goal. Our role is to teach them to think and act independently, so that they will have the judgement to succeed in school and, most important, in life… our aim is to move away from a model that depends on parental pressure to one that nurtures a child’s own drive. That’s what we mean by the self-driven child.”

author Ned Johnson

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Resources from the September webinar/discussion about “Voice Lessons”