Cast Party - Aspen Country Day School

Everyone’s gathering at Mi Chola after the curtain falls on the final performance of this year’s play at the Wheeler. That’s Saturday, May 4, about 7:15 pm. All Eighth Grade parents, students, siblings, grandparents, and special guests are warmly welcome!

invitation to cast party 2024 after Wheeler Opera house play

There will be food, drinks (drink tickets for adults included), dessert, and a chance to celebrate the cast. Don’t miss this – the whole idea is about inclusion and making sure everyone can gather together at one convenient, in-town event.

To cover the cost for approximately 100 people, everyone is asked to just pay what you can. Ballpark total cost for this evening is $10,000. So a suggested contribution would be $50 for each student, $75 for each adult. Please think about how many of your people will be attending, including siblings, guests, etc. Then make your contribution based on that number of people!

After you complete this form, you’ll be taken to a page where can enter your names for the guest list.

Any amount above the fair market value of $50/$75 per child/adult attending will be considered a tax-deductible gift to the school, for which you will receive a donation letter.