Young Entrepreneurs at Work - Aspen Country Day School


Young Entrepreneurs at Work

March 15, 2022

Culminating in the Economics Fair, the Second Graders’ study of business, entrepreneurship, and money is always a highlight of the year. The hands-on project extends over many weeks, challenging students to meet multiple deadlines and take responsibility for their own learning.

They form their own businesses, learn how to manage a paycheck, create products, and decide how to market their businesses. Some even made commercials, which you can view in the video here.

Parents of Second Graders are invited to campus to the Economics Fair, where they will be given “dollars” to purchase the products these young businesspeople have brought to market.
Presentations like these happen in all grades, covering all sorts of subjects, from history to math to science, and — of course — the arts. There are so many examples of how active learning at Aspen Country Day School builds confidence, resilience, and joy in learning.