Scott Hicks - Aspen Country Day School

Scott Hicks
Director of Finance

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Scott started working at Aspen Country Day School in 1998. He has a Bachelors in History and Political Science from Duke University, where he also earned a Masters of Arts in Teaching. In his role as director of finance, Scott has guided ACDS through its most important strategic initiatives over the past two decades. He was instrumental in the redevelopment of the Castle Creek campus and the establishment of a firm financial footing for the school to further its mission, values, and culture. Scott, who previously served as assistant head of school, has been a passionate advocate for the school’s outdoor education program and frequently leads backcountry skiing, climbing, and backpacking trips. For the 2021-22 school year, Scott added leadership of the Middle School to his business office responsibilities. He is the father of three Aspen Country Day School graduates.

Three essential items?

A pen and paper and a bicycle. And as a tribute to Bill Huffman (legendary ACDS Outdoor Education director), a pack of matches. So if I ever find myself out there in the wilderness alone, I can make a one-match fire.

Where does your love of learning and education come from?

My parents were both in education; my mom was a middle school teacher, and my father worked at the Unviersity of of Miami in the library. Growing up, I was constantly surrounded by books and reading. It was in college that I experienced the benefits of the small classroom, a seminar where you are reading, discussing, and presenting with a small group of people, kind of like Country Day School. 

Dream dinner guests and what you’d talk about?

Bill Gates and Thomas Jefferson — they were so both ahead of their times that could be a really interesting conversation. Because one of the greatest threats to our privacy and our individual rights is technology, yet we’ve got to make sure that our government is protecting those rights. Then also Alex Honnold (climber who free-soloed El Capitan); I would ask how he wound up doing the unthinkable.

An interesting job before this?

In my senior year of high school, my first kind of official job, I was working at at Citgo gas station. And this was back in the day when it was full service. So, check your oil? 

Favorite ACDS core value?

It’s our mantra here at Country Day School, but everything flows from responsibility, right? The ability to take responsibility for your actions would be the number one thing. Number two is kindness and compassion, to engage with people, ask questions, and learn from them. Perseverance is a good one; it’s going to get you through what you need to build a life. And a good sense of humor. When you share a laugh, it goes a long way.

Before we go, can we get a selfie with you?

Of course, yes. What’s a selfie?

Student interview: Jared H. and Ethan B. with Scott