Pippa Klumb - Aspen Country Day School

Pippa Klumb
Lower School Learning Specialist

970-925-1909 x 232

Pippa works with the Fourth and Fifth Grade teams on “Castle Creek Island,” the affectionate term for the mid-campus building that houses intermediate grades along with the school administration. She has worked at Aspen Country Day School since 1999. Pippa holds a BA in elementary education from Rollins College. She’s one of at least four Connecticut natives on our staff. Mother of two boys, Pippa has served as a classroom teacher in Second and Fourth Grades, a support and enrichment specialist in Kindergarten to Eighth Grade, and director of admissions.

Favorite Aspen Country Day School core value?

Perseverance. Because children — and adults, too — gain so much from meeting challenges and confronting adversity. Working through things that are more difficult makes you a stronger person.

What’s in your starter pack?

Hiking shoes, water bottle, and my kids’ sports equipment.

What’s your favorite place on campus?

The ponds.

How did you wind up here?

As a senior in college, I had a job all lined up in Manhattan and was supposed to go there. But then at the last minute, I decided to put all that aside and move out to Aspen with a bunch of friends. I found my dream job at Country Day, and I never looked back.

Something that was cool when you were younger?

These Hawaiian shorts called Jams. Also CB ski jackets. They were expensive, so my parents had me do chores to pay for half.

Who was your favorite teacher?

His name is Mr. Durgie, which is kind of a silly name. He was my Fifth Grade teacher, and the first day of school he was so strict, I was petrified. He ended up teaching me so much and really made me enjoy the process of learning. He did a ton of hands-on projects, and whether it be social studies or science, he just captivated the class.

Anything else we should know?

Something that I always tell people when they ask me, ‘Why Country Day?’ is just that I love coming to work every day — even more every year.  I feel really grateful to be at a school with teachers I adore working with and students who just make it all worthwhile.

Student interview: Sebastian C., Pippa, and Colby V.