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Liz Sinkinson
Parent Engagement & Events Manager

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A graduate of St. Lawrence University with a BS in Psychology, Liz moved to Aspen in 2009 after teaching English in rural China and substitute teaching at a private school in Buffalo, where she grew up. Before joining ACDS as Lower School Assistant, Liz served as Director of Development at Challenge Aspen, where she led fundraising and events. She also served for three years as senior development associate at the Buddy Program. Liz stepped into the role of Annual Fund and Events Manager in the fall of 2021.

Three essential items?

A good book, chocolate, and a photo of my family.

Dream dinner guests?

Princess Diana, because I think she was a humanitarian and a good mother, and I really like her sense of style. Michelle Obama, really interesting, too. And probably a family member — my grandmother. 

Something we might not know about you?

Maybe I come across as quiet, but I do like the thrill of trying something new and meeting new people; I think that’s what makes life exciting. I grew up in a family that was really conservative, so it’s fun to see like what else is out there and what different families do. I love that.

What do you like about your job?

 I love it because I’m working with people, mostly young people. I know my role seems small, but I think for the kids, it’s big. Giving kids hugs and bandaids throughout the day sometimes makes a bigger impact than I realize.

School journey?

I went to a big public elementary school in a rural area just outside Buffalo, then for high school went to a teeny-tiny all-girls school, Buffalo Seminary.

Favorite teacher?

My English teacher in high school. He had so many different ways of telling stories and making us excited about reading.

Scariest or most courageous thing you’ve done?

Being a mother can be scary, but it’s definitely outweighed by how much I love my kids, which I’m sure you guys know from your own families. My kids are still little, and the mood swings can be challenging sometimes, and the not knowing how they’re going to react. But it all seems insignificant, especially when you take a step back and remember how little they are, and that your own issues are little, too.

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Lower School Assistant Liz Sinkinson interview
Liz, left, with student interviewers Siri and Stella