Laurie Frampton - Aspen Country Day School

Laurie Frampton
Preschool/PreK Teacher, Director

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After moving to Aspen during her high school years, Laurie earned a BS in human development and family studies, early childhood development from Colorado State University. She is the parent of two Aspen Country Day School graduates. She grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has worked at our school since 1994.

Teacher Laurie Frampton in the PreKindergarten at Aspen Country Day School.

Something that was cool when you were younger?

When I was a kid, we had a lot of freedom to run around our neighborhood, and we would get together with all of our friends and have so much fun. There wasn’t a feeling of our parents worrying about us. Today parents don’t let their children just run around and explore so much, except in Aspen, where kids do have more freedom.

Something we wouldn’t know about you?

When I was a teenager, I played tennis a lot, and I got to play with a famous professional tennis player, Björn Borg. He was one of my idols, so it was very exciting. I loved tennis and played all through high school and in college.

Someone you admire?

My mom, for raising eight children and being a professor at Tulsa University, and for juggling all the challenges that came with that balancing act.  That may be why my favorite role in my life is being a mother and teacher. I love working with children and also watching my kids grow up to be young adults. As I always say, “Melanie and Jake wouldn’t be who they are today if not for their years at Aspen Country Day School!”

A time a failure led to success? 

In college, I thought I wanted to be a veterinarian. I started taking a lot of anatomy classes and realized that maybe that wasn’t the route for me after all. But then I realized that I loved early childhood education, and that steered me in another direction. I taught at Wildwood School and Aspen Sprouts before coming to ACDS.

Favorite teacher?

My favorite teacher was Kathy Coffey, my English teacher at Bishop Kelley High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She cared about how we learned, and because she was so caring, I always wanted to do my best.

Laurie (middle) with student interviewers Delilah H. and Audrey S.