Kimberly Bakker - Aspen Country Day School

Kimberly Bakker
Lower School Music Teacher


Ms. Kim started at Aspen Country Day School in 2003. She grew up in Holland, Michigan, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music, Art and Literature from Hope College. She holds a graduate degree in LD and reading endorsement from St. Thomas Aquinas, where she also worked as an adjunct reading professor. She brings the joy of music to children in all grades and leads each ACDS assembly with the school song, Blue and Green.

What’s in your starter pack? 

My violin, my accordion, and even though I probably couldn’t pack it, my keyboard or piano. My father was a pianist, my first teacher, and I have loved music from a young age.

Something you’d like to do?

Build my own race car with my son, then race it. It would be named “Fine Tuned” and sponsored by music instrument manufacturers.

What’s a challenge you see Aspen Country Day School addressing?

Connections to the natural world, and how to sustain the environment — that’s a challenge for future generations. I am inspired and hopeful when I see students building projects to sort waste, engineer a new system, or address an environmental need.

Most interesting job before this?

Working in an auto collision ship near Detroit.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A truck driver and ballerina.

Best thing about working at Aspen Country Day School?

That it does not feel like “work.” I think of my colleagues and students as extended family, and I would do anything for them.

Student Interviewers

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