Jon Bender - Aspen Country Day School

Jon Bender
Spanish Teacher


Jon Bender teaches Spanish in Fifth to Eighth Grades. He came to Aspen from the Taft School, where he was a class dean, teacher, coach, and dorm head. He was also involved in committees dealing with teacher evaluation, admissions, and discipline, and has led service and language immersion trips to Guatemala and Spain. Jon began his career teaching in Fourth-Eighth Grades in Wilmington, Delaware. He holds a BS in education from Wilmington College and a MA in Spanish from Middlebury College.

Favorite place in the world?  

Hard to choose because there’s so much I haven’t seen yet but Guanajuato, Mexico, Madrid, Spain, Montreal, Canada and Dublin, Ireland are up there.

Favorite Aspen Country Day School tradition?

Ski days!

Favorite winter activity not on skis or a snowboard?

Pond hockey

What do you collect?

Experiences and good times with family and friends.

Who is the most interesting person you’ve ever met?  

My grandfather George, who was endlessly curious about life.