Carolyn Hines
Director of Communications


Carolyn, whose previous roles at Aspen Country Day School have included advancement and admissions, has a BA in history from Bowdoin College. Before joining Aspen Country Day School in 2005, she was a reporter and editor for Gannett News Service, USA Today, the Rocky Mountain News, and Aspen Magazine, and was director of publications at Anderson Ranch Arts Center. She is the parent of two ACDS graduates. 

Three essential items?

Contact lenses, my blue town bike, fresh air.

Interesting job before this one?

I was a journalist; I worked on newspapers, magazines, digital news. I was part of the editorial team that started USA Today. That was an exciting project because it was a start-up. Nobody was entirely sure it would work, but it turned out to be a big success. It took the same kind of energy to build the new campus. There were doubters then, too, but we just tackled one problem after another, raising the money, making the school better every year, and now here we are!

Favorite writer?

E.B. White, do you know him? (Interviewer Fiona: He wrote Stuart Little, right?) Yes, and Charlotte’s Web, and he also wrote for The New Yorker magazine. I love his essays about New York City and Maine. He wrote my favorite book about grammar, The Elements of Style.

Something cool when you were younger?

Aerobics classes. (Interviewer Fiona: We’re going to be ‘80s aerobics instructors for Halloween. Interviewer Maggie: What shoes should we wear?) Definitely white Reeboks. High-top ones. 

Most courageous thing you’ve done?

Changing my whole plan when I was about 28 years old. I just got in my red Jeep and drove across the country. I didn’t know anyone here, but after a winter of skiing I picked up my career, made a home and a family. I’m really glad that we were able to raise our daughters here in Aspen and that they could go to this school. 

What makes ACDS different from other schools?

Just like choosing to live in the mountains, you make a choice when you come to this school. So everyone is invested. The adults here are committed to always improving it for the students. Everything we’re doing is so you guys can learn and grow up in this ideal place.

Advice for us when we graduate?

I would say keep your heart open, in the same way that it is here, to new experiences and new friends. Because you might not always be in a place that feels this welcoming and adventurous, but it’s inside of you now, and you can spread that out to the world. So don’t be afraid to do that.