Susan Glah - Aspen Country Day School

Susan Glah
Director of Admissions & Financial Aid


Susan guides families on their first steps in the Aspen Country Day journey and has a particular talent for welcoming new parents and children to the community. A parent of two children, she has worked in many areas of the school and joined the admissions team in 2014. Prior to joining Aspen Country Day School in 2009, she worked in the sales development and marketing departments at TIME and The New York Times in New York City. Susan earned her BA with a major in English at Hamilton College. 

What was cool when you were younger that isn’t cool now?

The landline. Having your own phone in your room, and your own number. And then it really got exciting when it was portable, and you could walk around the house with it!

What is something we don’t know about you?

Well, my first job at Country Day was teaching French. I started learning French in Seventh Grade, and while I wasn’t the best student, I just loved learning another language. I studied it all through college, and then I went to Paris, and it all clicked.

What’s in your starter pack?

Where am I? On a desert island? No? OK, going to work: water bottle, my computer, and my phone. Because if I have those things, I can work, even if I’m stranded.

Student Interviewees
Lucy (l) and Angel (r) with Susan