Emmy Gilliam - Aspen Country Day School

Emmy Gilliam
English teacher, Seventh & Eighth Grades

Emmy brings 17 years of experience working in schools as a middle school teacher, faculty leader, and director of admissions and enrollment. She has a BA in English from USC and two master’s degrees: one from the UCLA Teacher Education Program; another in K-12 education leadership from Pepperdine University. Her work in schools that are domestic and international, as well as public and private, has allowed her to develop a sophisticated understanding of, in her words, “communication, education, culture, and belonging.” She was at St. James’ Episcopal School in Los Angeles since 2015, and her colleagues describe her as a master teacher who is also a hard-working and compassionate teammate. They all emphasize her authentic care for the well-being and growth of students. She is also an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys backpacking and snowboarding, and she is eager to contribute to and learn from the wonderful outdoor education programming we have in our school.”