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Middle School exams: how & why

December 1, 2021

To help students become ready for the journey ahead, teachers in Middle School give exams or end-of-semester assessments in Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade.

Learning new material in math class a few weeks before exams

Whether an exam, project, essay, or research paper, these assessments are thoughtfully designed to help students build the academic confidence to:

To set children up for success, teachers put “scaffolding” in place to ensure the exams or projects are spaced out over an entire week-long exam period. They also provide specific strategies to help students build study skills:

“Scaffolding also takes place with essay writing in terms of how much teacher support is received,” writes Megan Talarico, who led a recent assessment committee that outlined these guidelines. “In Sixth Grade, students develop an outline, write, and revise their work in workshops including teacher guidance. By Eighth Grade, students may be offered prompts and allowed to bring in an independently completed outline.”

Here is a recent sample exam schedule.