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Hands-on community service in Fifth Grade

September 24, 2019

In an example of ACDS students and their enthusiasm for community service — especially the outdoor kind — Fifth Graders took ecological matters into their own hands — literally — with a day-long project this fall. They cleared brush and improved two trails under the direction of Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers. Students learned the proper techniques for lopping and pruning, and they quickly saw how their work improved the Hummingbird and Plunge trails, making them more welcoming to hikers and mountain bikers.

Some thoughts on the activity from the intrepid Fifth Graders, led by teachers Adam Hancock and Brett Nelson:

Max: “What we did will help more people come there, and they will understand nature better.”

Tru: “I learned that it’s important to prune back to the base of the plant, and the climate work that we did — it contributed to the environment.”

Addie: “It’s good if more people spend more of their days walking on the trails than driving in their cars.”

Felix: “In a city, you don’t get to see how beautiful and forgiving the earth can be.”

Henry: “The city kind of covers up nature.”

Haven: “You are lucky to be more connected to nature by living here.”