Dr. Becky Kennedy on campus - Aspen Country Day School


Dr. Becky Kennedy on campus

September 27, 2022

If your pandemic parenting lifeline included Dr. Becky Kennedy’s Instagram videos, you were not alone. You were also in good company if you got a seat when Dr. Becky spoke to a packed Edlis Neeson Hall on the Aspen Country Day School campus last week. 

Admirers didn’t let a rainy evening stop them from coming out to hear from Dr. Becky

Dubbed the “millennial parenting whisperer” by Time magazine in 2021, the clinical psychologist, author, and podcast host became a New York Times bestseller literally en route to her talk at ACDS on September 21. Released earlier in September, Dr. Becky’s book, “Good Inside: A Guide to Becoming the Parent You Want to Be” focuses on emotional health and breaking the fear-anxiety cycles of parenting to gain a deeper understanding of the “why” behind children’s behavior. 

“I recently discovered Dr. Becky,” said Elizabeth Lewis, a life coach and Aspen mom of three who signed up for the Aspen event immediately after learning about it. “What I love is that she teaches what I intuitively knew about how I wanted to parent but didn’t have the tools to actually implement. After her Aspen talk I went home and navigated a situation with my kids that led to me feeling like I had just had a parenting win, whereas usually I go to bed depleted and defeated.”

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