Cue the music - Aspen Country Day School


Cue the music

May 28, 2024

A spring assembly brought the school community together for a musical morning. Enjoy!

A performance-packed assembly during Community Time. For specific performances, go to the time stamps shown here:
0:00 Welcome: Marci Sketch with Eighth Graders Palmer E and Heidi H
1:41 Audience Q&A: Oliver M
2:20 Drummer Zeke S
4:50 Getting the band back together
5:39 Middle School band performance, Blitzkreig Bop
11:30 Tunes from “Annie” with Maddie M and Mackenzie S
13:24 Marci and Allie
13:25 Grayson N singing “Shallow”
18:42 Tiny preview of the big play at the Wheeler in May
18:57 Reminder of Core Values with the EIghth Grade & Mr Wolman