2022 Boarding School Fair to welcome more than 60 independent schools - Aspen Country Day School


2022 Boarding School Fair to welcome more than 60 independent schools

October 11, 2022

Aspen Country Day’s annual Boarding School Fair returns to campus this Saturday, October 15, from 1 – 3 p.m., for families across the Mountain West. A Q&A, “Why Boarding School?”, will precede the fair at 12:15 p.m.

More than 30,000 students attend independent boarding schools in the United States, a number that is trending higher in a post-COVID world. When independent schools became more likely to open for in-person instruction than public schools in 2020, the Cato Institute reported that instances of families moving their children out of public and into private institutions rose dramatically. 

“Families in the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond are fortunate to have so many great choices for high school, from our local public schools to independent boarding and day schools all across the country and even overseas,” said Josh Wolman, head of school at Aspen Country Day. “We are excited to welcome students, parents, and friends to find out about the many possibilities out there for students to discover.”

Parents who choose boarding school for their children often cite engaging academics and a residential community as top reasons for their decisions. And while not the right choice for all families, boarding schools provide more time for students with teachers and coaches compared to private day and public school students, according to a study conducted by The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS). That same study indicated 78% of boarding school students reported being motivated by their peers compared to 49% of public school students. 

Nicole Tarumianz never imagined either of her children would attend boarding school. However, after graduating from ACDS, both ended up going to different independent high schools and thrived. 

“Boarding school has been an amazing experience for our family,” said Nicole. “The opportunities for personal and academic growth are immense. The supportive, structured  environment gave our children the confidence to try new things and make their worlds just a little bigger and better.”

The “Why Boarding School” panel — at 12:15 p.m. in Edlis-Neeson Hall (the drama room) — will include representatives from five schools that offer a range of programs and locations:

The fair is free and open to the public.