A story of your own, from a Sixth Grade friend. - Aspen Country Day School


A story of your own, from a Sixth Grade friend.

February 28, 2022

When Sixth Graders at Aspen Country Day School decided to write stories for their friends in Kindergarten, they knew this was a job to be taken seriously. So under the guidance of Sixth Grade English teacher Renée Wheeler, they tackled the project with vigor.

“The class had been learning about Joseph Campbell’s stages of the hero’s journey,” explains Renée. “We started by asking the Kindergarteners what elements they would like to hear about in a story, whether unicorns, dogs, favorite foods, people, or places. Then Sixth Graders took those elements and applied them to this ancient story structure, shared by cultures worldwide, to write their epic tales.”

At the time their stories were in draft form, the pandemic was still preventing children from getting together across grades. So the Sixth Graders took to a new platform, podcasting, to record their stories for their friends. The result is a Soundcloud playlist — one for each Kindergarten class — with personalized stories full of adventures and fun. Each story was created with a certain Kindergartener in mind, and as the five- and six-year-olds know, there is nothing quite like hearing a story that was made just for you. But now they’re available for all to hear. Take a listen!

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some stories on the playlists: