Brian Davies
Chief Operations Officer

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Alumnus, parent, teacher, and now member of the leadership team, Brian has worn all the possible hats at Aspen Country Day School. He began here in Third Grade and graduated as a senior in 1987, back when there was still a high school on campus. He has a BA from Hobart College and recently completed an MBA from the University of Denver. Brian taught here from 1991 to 1996, had a successful career in information technology in California and Minnesota, then returned to ACDS as a consultant and technology teacher from 2005 to 2014 before rejoining the school full time. He is the parent of two graduates, serves on the board of Colorado Rocky Mountain School in Carbondale, and recently retired from Roaring Fork Fire Rescue as a captain.

Brian Davies on the turf field with children

Three essential items?

A water bottle, a knife, and a carabiner — always good for connecting things together and staying hydrated.

Dream dinner guests?

Aristotle, LBJ, and Einstein. Especially Aristotle, because I’ve read a lot of his philosophy, and his writings are still relevant today, even though they’re over two thousand years old. He talked about our purpose in life and how to live a virtuous life. Probably the most influential person in Western civilization.

Who was your favorite teacher?

Tim Willoughby. He taught a combined Third and Fourth Grade class here at ACDS. Everything was a story, he even made math into a story. He still tells stories in the Aspen Times every week.

Something we might not know about you?

I’m an Irish citizen. I’m a certified firefighter, wildland firefighter, swift-water rescue swimmer, and emergency medical reducer. I did the Leadville mountain bike 100 race three times. And I’ve raced cars — for four years in California and Oregon. We were racing Miatas, which aren’t very powerful, but their class was super competitive. There are actually several pro racers that I raced against who are still racing today.

Scariest or most courageous thing you’ve done?

Scariest was to jump out of a plane, skydiving. The most courageous was when I quit a high-level executive job that paid a lot of money because the values of the people I was working with didn’t match my values. But I can’t regret it, because it was a better choice for me.

Student interview: Carter G., Brian, and Katie-Maeve H.